"My son has been coming to NY Speech since July 2012. He loves working with the therapists here and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I never have to worry about something not getting done or taken care on in terms of insurance or paperwork. The staff are always on top of things and are very competent and efficient. The therapists are knowledgeable and professional and are always kind to my son. I highly recommend this agency to anyone's child needing speech therapy."

"My daughter has made great progress with her speech. Her articulation is much clearer and she speaks louder - more confident that others understand her now. Her therapist has achieved the impossible - making my daughter excited to do her speech exercises. She has shown her that hard work pays off, and that her successful communication is the best motivation."

"New York Speech-Language Pathology is a very welcoming and accommodating office. My daughter looks forward to speech therapy!"

"My daughter has been seeing her therapist since October 2013 and I am very pleased with the results I have seen. Her therapist is great and a sweetheart. My daughter enjoys and looks forward to coming for her visit. Thank you again for a job well done. I highly recommend this agency."

"A very welcoming and accommodating office: my daughter looks forward to speech therapy!"

"My son has the sweetest, nicest ST. Her name is Jenny. I truly appreciate that she is patient and not pushy."

"We thoroughly enjoy coming to New York Speech Language Pathology for our child’s speech services. The girls are so friendly, warm and compassionate. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!"

"My son has been treated by Anna for the past year. She absolutely adores my child and treats him as if he were her child! She understands him so well, is patient with him and really gets him to communicate effectively! We are so happy to be coming here."

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. You have been a part of our family since the twins were infants. Not only are you a skilled therapist, but your love and commitment have been endless! You have taught us to slow down ((life & our speech). You have taught us how to encourage language expression/speech from each other. You inspire me to live a clean life too! I am confident that we will remain friends Ana. We would love to do play dates and meet up. This is not a goodbye! We Love You!!"

"Dear Ms. Anna and NYSLP,
Thank you for all that you do! You all have been so kindly helpful and I wanted you to know- we will never forget Ms. Antonette, Ms. Meaghan, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Anna! You all have played a role in the big boy I am today who is about to begin kindergarten!"

"Dear Anna,
I am so grateful to have had this experience with you and Jenny! Thank you very much for inviting me to your New York –SLP family (for these past four months). I thank you for teaching me the skills it takes to be independent. I am so lucky to have worked under your supervision. I learned so much as a clinician, and I thank you! I am going to miss you so very much, but I will surely keep in touch! (I need to hear the latest about my little friend too!)
Thank you!! – Jennifer"

"Dear Anna,
Thank you so much for a wonderful clinical experience! I have learned so much from you and Jenny! You have made this semester’s internship the best!
Love, Michelle"

"Dear Jenny & Anna,
I truly appreciate your commitment to training our students. Thanks for all you have done for us. -N.N."

"Jenny and Anna,
Thank you so much for all of your help and all you have both done for me! See you both soon!!
Love, Ashley"

"Dear Jenny and Anna,
Thank you again for your more than generous gift certificate to Super Duper. I know I am going to feel like a kid in a candy store when I see all of the amazing things they have! Thank you both again for such an enjoyable semester. I look forward to keeping in touch! Best, Jennifer"

"Dear Jenny & Anna,
Thank you for everything you taught me this semester during my clinical internship! I really learned so much and gained so much confidence that I will take with me throughout my clinical career. You provided a great learning environment which I enjoyed coming to each day! Thank you again for everything and for being a great role model in the field. I hope to stay in touch! Love, Jessica"

"Dear Jenny & Anna,
Thank you for providing me with a wonderful experience this past semester. It truly has been a pleasure getting to know both of you and learning from you two as well. Thank you for making this final practicum experience a memorable one and teaching me the importance of working with families and the hard work it takes to run a private practice. Love, Nicole C."

"My son, who is 7 years old, has been attending New York Speech-Language Pathology for 4 years.  When he first started speech therapy with Jenny Ziavras, he was very timid, and was only putting together 2-3 words. He was frustrated because people would have a hard time understanding him. From the beginning Jenny was very warm and loving; he instantly took a liking to her.  He always looks forward to seeing Jenny and attending his speech sessions.  Jenny makes learning enjoyable and fun for my son.   She always keeps him engaged, especially on days when he can be a little difficult.   As a mother with many concerns, Jenny is always ready and willing to discuss them with me...she suggests things to do at home with him and always puts my mind at ease.  The entire staff at New York Speech-Language Pathology is very warm, friendly and professional.  My son has seen other speech therapists in the practice and they all share similar characteristics to Jenny….he would always walk out of his sessions with a big smile on his face.  As a working mom with two children, time is very important, and they have always been so accommodating with scheduling.  My son has come such a long way…not only with his speech but with his confidence and I feel that I have Jenny and the staff at NYSLP to thank.  I am very pleased with the service they have been providing for my son, they have gone above and beyond to fulfill my his needs."

Operating in Bayside in Queens County New York we offer and treat Speech Language Delays, Apraxia, Articulation / Phonology, Autism / PDD, Swallowing & Feeding Disorders, Traumatic Brain Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD / ADD), Social Skills, Hearing Impairments, Fluency, Selective Mutism, Reading Groups to the areas of Bayside, Whitestone, College Point, Corona, East Elmhurst, Flushing, Forest Hills, Fresh Meadows, Great Neck, Little Neck, Hillside, Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Malba, Rego Park and Woodside. Additionally we serve Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our web services are provided world wide.